Gigbest the best fence energizer a quality product from ZDM ELECTRONICS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED

About Gigbest Fence Energiser

Electric fence energiser is an electric device used to control the electrical pulse sent down the fence via a power source, usually battery or solar 240v power.

The energiser uses capacitors to store the charge and releases it down the fence line or live wire and when a grounded object like an animal is touching the fence an electrical stream flows through the body of the animal and back through the ground to the earth return terminal of the energiser.

Generally a pulse is sent down the live wire of the fence about every 1.2 seconds, this can vary across different brands and models of energisers.
Most battery energisers these days will make the pulse time further apart to save on battery power, some mains and battery fencers even have buttons where you can choose the timing of the pulse (generally fast, medium, or slow).

Most electric fence energizers have an output voltage of around 10000 volts at the output or live terminal. The amount that ends up on the fence will depend on various factors like the quality of your connections, what type of fencing wire you are using and how well the live wire is insulated away from any conductive materials. These things can lead to voltage leaks. Think of it like a hole in a water pipe, if you have lots of leaks and blockages you will not end up with allot of water coming out the end of your pipe.